Top 5 Supplements for PCOS and Inflammation

Chronic, low-grade inflammation is at the core of PCOS. In fact, all women with PCOS will have a certain degree of inflammation, whether really low, moderate, or high. Studies show that PCOS is associated with higher inflammation marker levels. These include CRP, pro-inflammatory cytokines (ie. IL-18, IL-6, MCP, TNF alpha), and higher white blood cell count. 1 2

In terms of treatment, it’s important to determine the body’s most inflamed areas. This includes lab testing (e.g. HS-CRP, ESR and antibodies to the thyroid and ANA), identifying food sensitivities, and managing insulin resistance. Additionally, diet and lifestyle (namely stress and sleep) play a huge role in managing inflammation.

Below are some of the most important supplements for reducing inflammation. These are among the best to consider when it comes to managing your PCOS symptoms.

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