PODCAST: A Cyster and Her Mister

Check out the podcast A Cyster and Her Mister that Dr. Samina guest-starred in. She talks about Naturopathic Treatments for PCOS.

On this episode of A Cyster & Her Mister, a naturopathic doctor joins us! Dr. Samina Mitha is a Naturopathic Doctor specializing in PCOS & Fertility!Dr. Samina brings greats research on dairy and its link to women with PCOS! Tallene and Dr. Samina even talk about their personal PCOS journeys and how they were able to overcome symptoms naturally!We asked what YOU wanted to ask a naturopathic doctor if you had the chance and we read them on the podcast. Tune in to hear your questions being answered by Dr. Samina! You can find Dr. Samina Mitha on Instagram (@dr.saminamitha.nd) & her website (www.saminamitha.com) for resources and help with PCOS!


PCOS Podcast


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