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My appointments are long enough so that you get the care you deserve in order to help get you feeling better! Get your questions and concerns answered, because after all quality time means better care.

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My solutions are not short term. We will work towards identifying the underlying cause of the problem so that you can feel like you are being helped.

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It's not "one size fits all." Each and every person experiences their health condition differently. That's where I come in, to create a treatment plan focused on your individual needs so that you can feel healed.

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Micronized Bioidentical Progesterone for PCOS and Regulating Periods
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What is progesterone? Progesterone is a hormone that is primarily produced by the corpus luteum, only after ovulation has occurred. Once the follicle releases the egg, the follicle will become a corpus luteum that will produce progesterone to help maintain a pregnancy if the egg gets fertilized. If the egg … Read More

Are You Constantly Tired? It Could Be Your Iron Levels…
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Feeling tired throughout the day can have several different causes. In women, however, one of the major causes is lack of iron. Since women lose blood monthly through their periods, iron stores can be depleted quite often. Feeling tired all the time shouldn’t be considered normal: there’s typically a reason. … Read More

The PCOS Girls Podcast: Lab Testing
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Podcast description: This week we have naturopath Dr. Samina Mitha on to talk all about tests! We get asked about PCOS tests and how to interpret them all the time so we are so excited to bring you Samina’s expertise. We also talk about treating insulin resistance. You can find … Read More

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