• Dr. Samina Mitha, ND
    Dr. Samina Mitha, ND

Feel Heard

My appointments are long enough so that you get the care you deserve in order to help get you feeling better! Get your questions and concerns answered, because after all quality time means better care.

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Feel Helped

My solutions are not short term. We will work towards identifying the underlying cause of the problem so that you can feel like you are being helped.

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Feel Healed

It's not "one size fits all." Each and every person experiences their health condition differently. That's where I come in, to create a treatment plan focused on your individual needs so that you can feel healed.

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3 Must Have Supplements for PCOS and Fertility
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There are so many supplements to choose from when it comes to PCOS and fertility. These are my top must have supplements when trying to conceive. Always remember to speak to your healthcare provider before taking any supplements. 1. Myo-Inositol As far as supplements for PCOS go, Myo-inositol is by … Read More

Heart Health and PCOS
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Affecting millions of women worldwide, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal, endocrine and metabolic disorder characterized by a group of signs and symptoms. The symptoms include irregular cycles, weight gain, and excess testosterone leading to acne, hair loss and hirsutism. PCOS is most commonly associated with infertility however, it … Read More

Probiotics and PCOS
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A small but well designed study in 2018 showed that probiotic supplementation can reduce total testosterone. This study was 12 weeks long and it also showed that probiotics increase sex hormone binding globulin which can bind up testosterone reducing its’ effects on the body in PCOS (ie. acne hirsutism and … Read More

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