Lab Requisitions and Interpretation

One of the first important steps to understanding what is going on is doing a comprehensive analysis through specific lab work.

This will help us determine our treatment plan. We offer specific lab testing such as hormone testing, saliva or urine cortisol testing, food sensitivity testing, thyroid testing, stool analysis, PCOS lab testing, and more! Depending on the type of test, either you will get a requisition to go to LifeLabs or a testing kit that can be completed at home. You will pay us and then be given a requisition to be taken to LifeLabs.

If you have lab work that is 1-2 years old you can email the reports before your first visit.

We will spend time going through your lab work in-depth so that you understand what is going on and can ask any questions.

Please note: Lab testing that is requisitioned by a Naturopathic Doctor is not covered by OHIP. Each individual test has a cost associated with it. We will go over this in your appointment.

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