8 Fabulous Fertility Boosting Foods

I am really excited to share this guest blog post by Katie Kahvo, Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN). She has a strong passion for supporting individuals with fertility! So her blog post is her top 8 fertility boosting foods! Check it out below. 

  1. Avocado – is loaded with healthy fat which are essential for hormone production, reduces inflammation and lubricates the body (increases cervical fluid).  Healthy fats also help to balance blood sugar (important for those with PCOS) and boost immunity helping fight off infections.
  2. Greens – are loaded with fertility boosting nutrients, contain anti-inflammatory properties and are great for supporting the liver. They contain good levels of folate and provide antioxidant support to help protect eggs (and sperm).
  3. Water – helps to regulate bowel movements, flush the system of toxins and excess hormones.  Proper hydration reduces stress on the the body and keeps things well lubricated (including production of cervical fluid).  It also allows for good blood flow ensuring the nutrients can travel to where they need to be and support the body.
  4. Chicken – good quality protein is essential for growth and development.  It is the backbone of our DNA and cell makeup, as well as an important part of balancing blood sugar levels (PCOS)
  5. Brazil Nuts – contain loads of selenium (you only need 2/day to get your daily intake) which is important antioxidant for fertility (both men and women) This will help to protect the eggs and sperm from free radical damage.
  6. Chia Seeds – are not only are loaded with healthy fats and some protein but are also a great source of fiber. I’m always surprised at the number of women I talk to that are constipated. It is important for us to be having daily bowel movements to ensure that excess toxins and hormones are exiting our body and aren’t waiting around being reabsorbed back into our system.
  7. Broccoli (and other cruciferous veg) – loaded with important, fertility boosting nutrients but these amazing veggies have this awesome super power of helping your body rid itself of excess estrogen (which is a problem for many of us!) So be sure to grab a head of broccoli and whip up a tasty salad for dinner tonight.
  8. Fermented Foods (ie. sauerkraut, kimchi) – these foods contain good bacteria that essential for your digestive system, optimizing its function to produce hormones and riding the body of excess toxins.

With proper nutrients your body just works better and has less stress when you give it what it needs to do it’s job. By making it work harder for the same end goal you may start noticing symptoms of illness, disease and fatigue. Focus on giving your body the basics it needs to function optimally and it will thank you. <3

By Katie Kahvo, Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN)

Fertility boosting foods

Katie Kahvo, Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN)
Katie Kahvo, Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN)

Katie Kahvo is a local Holistic Nutritionist who after her own fertility struggles, now focuses on supporting other women through their journey. She works online to empower other women in their own fertility journey to take back control, restore hope and improve self confidence. Katie believes in the power of food and nutrition, and is passionate about creating healthy babies for a healthier future.

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