How to Build your Fertility Support Team

Going through infertility can be very lonely at times, even with the help of your partner by your side. It can be very beneficial to build a support team that can guide you through the process and help to support you both emotionally and physically. Check out the list below on building your fertility support team.


Fertility Clinic

After visiting your medical doctor, they might refer you to a fertility clinic to assist you in further testing and possibly fertility treatments. You have the ability to choose the fertility clinic that you would like to attend. Before choosing a clinic, do some research. Most clinics have a website where you can view a description of their doctors, their mission, services they offer, etc. Most clinics will include their success rates, but take this with a grain of salt! If you are looking to go to a clinic that has IVF funding check out the following link HERE for a full list of clinics. There are currently 51 clinics in Ontario that offer funding from the Ontario government.


Support Group

A support group can be very beneficial to help get you through the treatments you will be going through. Chatting with people who are going through the same situation can really help ease any stress. The great thing about going to a support group is that you can express your feelings and thoughts out loud. Saying your feelings out loud can really help to dissociate yourself from your thoughts – kind of like the saying, “getting things off your chest.”

Fertility Matters Canada has done a great job of giving the public access to fertility support groups all across the country. To see if there is a support group in your area check out the following link HERE.

I have recently created a support group in Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge area to support couples!


Friend Support

Even though it can be difficult to find others who are going through the same thing, it may be more common than you think! Consider reaching out to friends to understand their fertility journey. Even though it might be a sensitive topic, it may be something that could bring you closer together ☺


Naturopathic Doctor

I may be a little bias here! But consider going to a Naturopathic Doctor. Naturopathic Doctors are very versed in hormones and have lots to offer when it comes to supporting patients that are going through fertility treatments. Naturopathic Doctors work to really determine the underlying concern and work to help balance hormones, address any nutritional deficiencies, help to promote ovulation and an overall healthy environment for conceiving.



It can be hard to really accept your situation when it comes to fertility management. There can be a lot of mixed emotions, waiting, stress, feelings of doubt that can be associated with infertility. This is where a counselor can be of great value to support you during this time. Some fertility clinics will offer a counselor on site or you can look for a counselor elsewhere.


Social Media

More and more people are looking for support through different venues such as social media. Many people create separate accounts on Instagram and connect with other individuals who are going through their own fertility journey. It is a great way to connect with others and share your personal experience. Many social media accounts have various privacy settings to ensure that only you can allow certain individuals to follow your journey.


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