30 Reasons Why you Need Castor oil in your Medicine Cabinet

Contained in the castor seed, Ricinus communis, this oil is rich in ricinoleic acid, which gives castor oil its beneficial healing properties.  Castor oil is a folk remedy used all around the world. It is so incredibly versatile! Castor oil provides best results when used topically. This gentle but powerful use allows castor oil to deliver a multitude of benefits while being affordable and effective.

It is by far my most favourite oil and I believe everyone should have a bottle in their house! Opt for organic oil that is stored in a brown glass container so that it does not go rancid.

Castor oil’s major benefit comes down to its chemical properties.

Castor oil has the ability to increase white blood cells (our bodies’ immune supporting cells).

1. Can be used for acne treatment: castor oil works great on dry the skin and is low comdegonic score.

2. Lengthens eyelashes: apply using a mascara brush to help length eyelashes

3. Moisturizes a dry scalp: apply to scalp to relieve dryness

4. Strengthens and lengthens hair: apply as a hair mask to boost your hair’s strength and shine

5. Prevent split ends: apply to ends of hair to avoid split ends

6. Lip balm: apply to lips for added pulp and moisture

7. Relieve dark circles: apply daily to brighten eyes

8. Cracked and dry skin: castor oil works to moisturize the skin.

9. Can help to prevent stretch marks

10. Muscle tension: Relaxes sore muscles as it helped to detoxify the muscles. It is great for any kind of back pain!

11. Mastitis: Apply on breasts to relieve swelling and discomfort

12. Conjunctivitis: apply over eyelids to speed up healing

13. Edema: Works to relieve fluid build up in legs

14. Constipation: apply over abdomen daily to relieve constipation

15. Diarrhea: apply over abdomen to help relieve diarrhea

16. Detox: apply over the liver to support the body’s natural function of detoxification

17. Helps to relieve swollen lymph nodes

18. Arthritis – can help to relieve stiff and painful joints

19. Supports optimal uterine environment – it is thought that castor oil applied over the uterus after your period to before ovulation may help with bringing more blood flow to the reproductive organs thereby improving egg quality, reducing inflammation and supporting implantation.

20. Brings on labor – it is a strong stimulant and should only be taken internally under the advice of your healthcare provider


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