Detox Week 2: Dry Skin Brushing

Did you know your skin is the largest organ in the body? Our skin will remove built up toxins and waste from the liver, kidney, lungs, lymphatics, colon, etc in order to maintain ideal health. Dry skin brushing involves using a brush with natural bristles over the entire body. It is a great way to encourage the removal of built up of toxins in our skin from the environment. Dry brushing works superficially since the pressure is very light on the skin it works to stimulate drainage from the lymphatic system. 
The lymphatic system is a extensive network of tissues, vessels and lymph nodes which all work together to make and move lymph throughout the body. Unlike the circulatory system, the lymphatic system has no pump! So fluid is bound to get stagnate. DRY SKIN BRUSHING is a great way to get your lymph moving!

– Your immune system will function optimally

– You won’t feel as puffy

– Your digestion will improve

– You will have increased energy

– You will eliminate toxins, etc.

What Materials will I need?

Brush with natural bristles (see picture above!). You can buy this from any grocery store or drug store in the beauty aisles.

How do I perform Dry Skin Brushing?

  1. Ensure you are dry brushing before your shower.
  2. Take your brush and use small circular motions across body towards the heart. Please see diagram above for direction of movement. Ensure you use light-medium pressure instead of pressing down too hard.
  3. Start at the soles of feet and work your way up legs to the stomach and buttocks. Brush your hands and arms last.
  4. Please ensure you avoid dry brushing sensitive areas such as nipples and face.
  5. Take a contrast shower (hot and cold intervals) afterwards.
  6. Make sure to end with a cold rinse in order to stimulate circulation of blood.

How often can I perform Dry Skin Brushing? 

Every 2/3 days

What conditions can benefit from Dry Skin Brushing?

– Dry skin

– Tired or sore muscles

– Acute and chronic pain

– Injuries related to sports

– Post-exercise soreness

Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

– Enhances oxygenation and detoxification

– Boosts immune system

– Tones and firms skin

– Stimulates circulation

– Encourages digestive function

CAUTION: Avoid treatment if you have any of the following conditions

– Avoid broken, inflamed or sunburnt skin

– Heart and circulatory conditions

– Weak immuned system

– Illness or fever


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