Is it endometriosis or PCOS? Find out the differences in this article

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Often times endometriosis and PCOS can get confused with one another since both of these conditions can affect the reproductive system. However, these conditions are not the same and can affect women differently.    There is one major difference between endometriosis and PCOS. PCOS is a hormonal/metabolic condition with excessive … Read More

The Scoop on Thin Uterine Lining

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When going through fertility treatments, the endometrial lining will be checked throughout the cycle to ensure appropriate thickness. Sometimes, we see that certain drugs such as Clomid reduce endometrial thickness. Other times, the patient will have various other causes for thin lining. In some cases, an embryo transfer will be … Read More

PCOS and Infertility

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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) affects approximately 10-15% of women of reproductive age. This complex endocrine disorder impacts both the reproductive and metabolic systems in the body, which can affect women’s ability to conceive. In fact, the prevalence of infertility among women with PCOS varies between approximately 70-80%. In many cases … Read More

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