Beauty Fix: Top 5 Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil

1. Shaving cream

Say goodbye to store bought shaving cream packed with toxins. Instead, keep your legs looking shinny by using coconut oil over your legs before shaving. Not only does it prevent skin irritation but it also leaves your legs silky smooth! I’ve used coconut oil many times on my legs before shaving and I have seen great results!

2. Facial scrub

Whenever my face is starting to feel a little rough I will mix coconut oil with some sugar and use this as a facial scrub. Check out my natural scrub recipe HERE. The coconut oil will leave your skin feeling hydrated and the sugar will smooth out any rough edges! You can also add some essential oil such as lemon to brighten your skin!

3. Body moisturizer

Extra virgin coconut oil is best applied to skin! Not only does it have anti-microbial properties but it will  reduce water loss leaving your skin hydrated. It is a great option for sensitive skin and has been shown to help some patients with eczema.  The great thing about coconut oil is that is smells delicious, is affordable and leaves my skin feeling smooth.

4. Hair mask

Is your hair feeling a little dry and frizzy? Coconut oil can be a great way to enhance the shine in your hair. Melt a quarter sized dollop of coconut oil and apply to hair as a mask. Leave in for 20 minutes and then wash out with shampoo. I’ve done this many times in the winter months and it leaves my hair feeling smooth and hydrated.

5. Make up remover

Coconut oil is so versatile you can even use it to remove any eye makeup! It is very gentle and works quite well to remove makeup. Place a small amount of coconut oil on to a cotton pad and wipe away your makeup.


Medium Chain Fatty Acids or Medium Chain Triglycerides are known to help give the body a quick boost of energy – this is because they are very easily digested. The specific medium chain fatty acid that is in coconut oil is known as Lauric acid – it is a very potent antimicrobial and it fights bacteria, viruses and fungi.

About 90% of coconut oil is saturated fat meaning that it is very stable at high temperatures. Supplementing with coconut oil has been shown NOT to cause dyslipidemia (fat in the blood) and seems to promote a reduction in abdominal obesity.

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