6-Day Feel Good Detox

6-Day Feel Good Detox

You deserve a reset! Learn about how you can regain control over your digestion, weight gain, hormones, energy levels and of course your health!

Detox. Feel Good. It’s This Simple.

So what’s the catch?

You! And Your Commitment. I will provide you with the tools and steps to help  feel better.  This detox is easy to understand, easy to implement, regardless of your agenda! It is nothing crazy like just drinking cabbage juice! It is based on real foods and real lifestyle changes.

The Detox starts off with an Initial visit with me in order to assess your health. I give you all the resources and tools you need and then provide you with daily emails to help support and guide you through the process! You come back to visit at the end of the detox and we go over how to continue feeling your best. 

Here’s what’s included:
  • 6 Day Meal Planner filled with easy recipes
  • Safe and clean protein powder
  • Daily E-mails To Keep You Motivated
  • Recipe Guide
  • Supplement Prescription
  • Health tracker
  • Supplement tracker
  • Accountability, Motivation and Support All Week Long
Some of the Recipes include:
  • Delicious Chicken Pesto
  • Hearty Acorn Squash boat
  • Chicken Protein Bowl
  • and my all time favourite…Paleo Shepard’s Pie!
Benefits of a Detox:
  • It helps you nourish and fill your body with nutrients that heal your gut and flood your body with the foods it’s craving
  • It provides you with a feeling of relief knowing which strategic foods you should be eating at each of your meals and snacks
  • You may start to notice deeper, more restful sleep, more energy in the morning and less dependency on caffeine throughout the day
  • It will assist you in learning how to banish cravings and mid-afternoon energy slumps with our well balanced detox shake and nutrient rich green foods
  • You will gain a solid understanding of your own physiology so that you can continue to control your diet and require and eat less food and still feel full
  • You will learn to eat whole, high nutrient-based green foods that can help to reduce inflammation allowing your body to function optimally
  • You will discover what you food triggers (food sensitivities) are so you know what to avoid moving forward to prevent return of symptoms.

Commit to a healthier life that allows positive energy and good things to come your way. When you feel good, positive energy follows and amazing things happen to you!

Are you ready to introduce yourself to a new and healthier way of life?

Book a Initial Visit with me by checking out my Contact Me page and let’s get started!


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