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✔️ Unravelling the PCOS and Weight loss connection: You will walk away understanding the intricate relationship between PCOS and weight gain, and how to overcome hormonal imbalances that could be getting in the way of your progress. 

✔️ Nourish your body, Ignite your Metabolism: Discover the keys to optimal nutrition specific for PCOS and learn how to fuel your body for enhanced weight loss and overall well-being. 

✔️ Look beyond willpower: Explore areas of health beyond just diet and discover the power of mindset and stress management techniques that can help to create a more balanced and supportive environment for weight loss. 

✔️ All about Your PCOS Planner: An online community-based course for women with PCOS using evidenced-based strategies PLUS guidance and support from Dr. Samina.

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Dr. Samina