What is Your PCOS Planner? 

Your Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) Planner is an online course for any woman out there (anywhere in the world!) who is serious about managing her PCOS with evidenced-based strategies PLUS the guidance, support and community that Dr. Samina Mitha, ND offers throughout the program. 

Your PCOS Planner is for you if: 

✔️ You have weight gain, irregular cycles, acne, hair loss, excessive hair growth and want to actually balance your hormones. 

✔️ Are ready to commit to following the step-by-step system even when life gets rocky (don’t worry — you’ll get so much support it will be next to impossible to ‘fall off the horse’)

✔️ You’re tired of trying one thing after another and want to know how to heal your body so that you can stop feeling worried about your period, frustrated that you can’t lose weight or so tired that you can’t even get the motivation to get out of bed in the morning. 

✔️ You value the health of your body enough to prioritize time for 12 weeks 

Having PCOS myself, I have dedicated my life and career to helping women with PCOS just like you! 

I totally get it. It’s a really scary, raw, vulnerable position to be in… 

You just want to prove to the world (and yourself) that you can succeed.

If you’ve tried and failed time and time again to get your PCOS on track and to STAY on track… you may be feeling a bit frustrated, to say the least.

You’re ready to go all in… But you notice doubt trickling in.

“Can I really stick with it?” OR “It seems like a lot of time, time that I don’t have.” OR “Where do I even begin?”

There’s something you have to remember: It’s so important to have a positive support system that holds you accountable.

That’s why I’ve built Your PCOS Planner community… 

Because I know how important it is to have a professional to help you get the results you want AND you deserve the support of a community of women just like you in your corner!

The #1 action step you can take to set yourself up for success is to build a solid support system around you so you can have the accountability you need to create lasting change.

You have ME in your corner now 😉 This is why I want to personally invite you to join Your PCOS Planner with me so you can start to bust through being consistent and finally understand what is right for your body, and truly create the life you want!

In the Your PCOS Planner, you’ll discover:

  • How to quit yo-yo dieting for good so you can go out with friends and not obsess over food, make healthy choices without feeling deprived, and finally lose those last lbs you’ve been struggling with
  • A simple way to feel good in your clothes and body, without having to calorie count and cut out all your favourite foods
  • The secret sauce to finally feeling confident and SEXY, with or without clothes on 😉
  • Did you know you DON’T need to exercise every single day to lose weight? This means you can get the body you want without spending hours and hours at the gym every week

What you will receive in Your PCOS Planner: 

1. The Content:

All the material and information you need that I have used to guide my patients to help them manage their PCOS – including 11 weeks of content, plus a 5-day sugar-free kickstart challenge, kitchen clean-out guide AND a bonus module on fertility whether you are trying to conceive now or would like to set your body up for your fertility future. Plus lifetime access to ALL modules so that you can review the videos whenever you’d like. Also, you will get access to any upgrades or additions to the course content. See more details below

Module 1: Introduction

⁃              Learn about PCOS and insulin resistance

⁃              Everything you need to know about lab testing

⁃              You will set up goals and a schedule for yourself  

Module 2: Diet and PCOS

–        Learn exactly how to build a food plate

–        Understand what to do to balance blood sugar and insulin

–        Learn to count macros

–        Meal plans will be provided here

Module 3: Inflammation and PCOS

–        Learn the connection between inflammation and PCOS

–        Look at inflammatory foods and determine if foods like gluten and dairy are affecting you

Module 4: Snacking and PCOS

–        Everything you need to know about snacking when it comes to PCOS

–        Determine if and how you should snack  

Module 5: Hydration and PCOS

–        You will learn how much water your body needs

–        Drinks to consume and drinks to avoid

Module 6: Implementation week

–        This week I support you on implementing the strategies taught above

Module 7: Fasting and Insulin Resistance 

–        Does fasting work and does it make sense in your scenario?

–        How and when to fast appropriately so that you do not cause any harm to your hormones

Module 8: Exercise

–        Create a plan on the frequency, intensity, time and type of work out that would be best for PCOS  

Module 9: Lifestyle and PCOS

–        Here we work on sleep and stress as it can be a big contributing factor as to why you may not be seeing the change you want

Module 10: Lifestyle implementation week

–        This week I give you the opportunity to make some of these key changes

Module 11: Supplements

–        I walk through the research on supplements and PCOS

BONUS: Fertility module 

–        This bonus lecture will set you up if you are trying to conceive currently or thinking of having children in the future



 “I’m serious about supporting you. I’ve been where you are and my mission is to help you!”


The PCOS Naturopath

2. The Support: 

This is where I truly believe you will thrive and will help you stay accountable to get the results you deserve.

You will receive access to weekly group clarity calls where I can answer your questions to help guide you through this process for 6 months. These sessions will be recorded and you will have the opportunity to submit your questions beforehand. This is a great opportunity to have multiple touch points with me to help guide you along the way. We will troubleshoot any challenges you may be experiencing. Additionally, you can hear other questions that come through that you may not have thought of. 


Q: Will this actually help me manage my PCOS? 

Yes. I’ve seen firsthand – not only through personal experience but by helping women with PCOS how these tools and strategies have changed their lives. 

It’s the ultimate way to start healing your PCOS so that you can enjoy life fully and not constantly be worried about being afraid of food and if your period is going to ever show up.


Q: What kind of food will I be eating?

This program has been designed to help you find the gaps in the way you are eating and then adjust your food plate accordingly. It is NOT intended to overhaul your diet completely. 


Q: Do I have to use supplements?

That’s a great question! 

The short answer is maybe, it really depends on the person. However, in the program I walk you through the research on supplements and help guide you through understanding how supplements can help and if they are right for you. 


Q: What if I miss the weekly support calls?

The weekly support calls with me are your way of asking questions and getting the support you need to be successful and accountable. You may not have any questions, however, questions that come up in the calls may be something you hadn’t thought of. It is highly encouraged to attend if you can! 

I know there may be times when you miss a support call so if you miss a call, it will be recorded for you to view at your convenience. 


Q: Do I need extra equipment?

No, you don’t! Everything you need should be at your home. 


Q: I don’t like to cook, how much cooking do I have to do?

I hear you, I am not a fan of cooking as well. That’s why I have made everything very simple and have made it so that you don’t have to always be cooking. Don’t get me wrong, there is some planning involved that is what helps you stay on track. But once you learn the method you won’t have to think much about the preparation because it will be second nature to you. 

If you’ve tried and failed time and time again to get your PCOS on track and to STAY on track… this special course is for you! Let’s bust through being consistent and finally understanding what is right for your body, and truly create the life you want!

So, what are you waiting for? See you over in the YPP community!


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