Experiencing PAIN? Cupping therapy is NOT just for the Olympic Athletes or even Justin Trudeau… it might be for you too!

Have you tried cupping therapy before? It is one of my favourite ways to relieve any built up tension in my muscles and relaxes my body! After watching the olympics this year I thought I would spread the word about cupping as it is one of my go to techniques for patients with pain! It can look a little gruesome but people find it feels like a good massage. Don’t fret, the round circle marks you’ve seen on athletes back do not hurt!

So what exactly is cupping? It is a non-invasive ancient Chinese Medicine therapy that uses gentle suction to stimulate the flow of energy in the body. Massage oil is applied to the back and then using gentle suction to remove air, in turn the skin is raised slightly into the cup. There are different types of cupping such as glass cupping with fire or plastic cups. Both have the same benefits.

3 BENEFITS of Cupping Therapy

✨1) Relaxes the body – HOW? It works deep to stretch the muscles and the fascia covering the muscles so that your body feels relaxed.

✨2) Relieves pain – HOW? Pressure applied to painful areas and swelling cupping works to improve increase blood flow and send in nutrients and oxygen to the area ultimately relieving pain!

✨3) Detoxifies – HOW? Poor circulation can cause toxins to build up. Cupping gently pulls in fresh blood to enter the area and removes stagnate blood containing toxins, debris and dead cells.

Cupping has been used in lung infections such as pneumonia, bronchitis, common cold, headaches or more commonly to relieve tight muscles.

If you hold all your tension in your muscles, it might be worth giving a try! I tend to hold all my tension in my shoulders and with a few sessions of cupping my shoulders become more relaxed and not as stiff.

Cupping therapy goes great with an acupuncture treatment! To learn more about acupuncture check out my Acupuncture Services Page.