Not sure what the underlying cause of your PCOS is? Check this Comprehensive List for PCOS Lab Tests

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PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is an endocrine disorder that can affect hormones, metabolism and the immune system. Getting a comprehensive lab test is the first step to really understand what is going on with your hormones. Having gone through the process myself each year, I wanted to share with … Read More

Your Thyroid Health and Fertility Success

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What is your thyroid? So you’ve heard about your thyroid but you aren’t exactly sure what it really does. Well, simply put your thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland that sits just below your Adam’s apple. It is responsible for secreting hormones that regulate growth and development through your metabolism. … Read More

PART 2 – Has Your Fertility Been Suffering? Why Acupuncture Might Be Your Option

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As we promised, here is part 2, to last week’s “Is Your Fertility Suffering?” Learn How Acupuncture can help Boost your Fertility! Last week we told you all about what to expect with an acupuncture treatment and we told you that AMAZINGLY acupuncture: Induces ovulation Balances hormones Reduces stress and … Read More

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