Your PCOS Food Cheat Sheet

This simple PCOS Food Cheat sheet will help get you started on choosing the right foods for your PCOS. Pin it to your fridge or keep it in your phone for easy access when planning your meals!

PART 1 – Has Your Fertility Been Suffering? Why Acupuncture Might Be Your Option

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So you’ve heard your girlfriend has tried acupuncture and she swears by it. But you aren’t exactly sure of what it is and how it can help, plus the thought of needles scares you! We have both personally experienced the positive effects acupuncture can have on our hormones and have … Read More


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One of the most exhausting things about infertility is the roller-coaster of emotions that come with each new cycle. All too many times our patients come to us feeling absolutely FRUSTRATED.   Frustrated for having to take their temperature every morning. Frustrated that sex is now scheduled and has lost … Read More

Struggling to Conceive? The Colour of Your Period Could Explain Why

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As many of you know, I am passionate about infertility and helping women conceive. So I’ve teamed up with a colleague from Moncton, Dr. Jodie Tatlock to give you regular information on the topic of FERTILITY. During my last clinical year of school, we worked together on a Fertility Focus Shift where … Read More

Solving unwanted hair in PCOS

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  Dealing with hair growth that comes along with PCOS? This is one of more annoying symptoms that PCOS cysters deal with… Anyone who is really close to me, mostly my family, knows that my unwanted hair growth is one of things I hate having to deal with. It’s always … Read More

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